Spy Wife: 8 Ideas on How to Spy on Your Husband Through the Phone

It is customary to trust the people closest to you, but it doesn’t always work out. If your husband begins to behave suspiciously and refuses to tell the truth, it is time to check him. Thanks to modern technology, it is not so difficult to do this, it is enough to have a smartphone.

Surveillance through a cellular operator is not the easiest, but an effective method to find out what your husband is hiding from you. Various companies have their own special programs that allow you to find out about the location of the person of interest. This method is legal. In order to establish surveillance, you will need your spouse’s phone and access to the Internet.

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As one option, you can go to a cell phone store and ask a consultant to set up this feature directly on your husband’s smartphone. If there is no possibility to take his gadget for a while, then you will have to set up surveillance yourself. There are special services on the website of mobile operators, which can be connected by confirming the consent through an SMS message. However, it is worth remembering that this function is paid and the price is set depending on the telecom operator.

Talklog is a unique program that allows you to find out what your significant other is hiding from you. By installing it on your smartphone, you will have the following features:

  • The ability to track incoming and outgoing calls;
  • listen to your phone;
  • to record the conversation;
  • receive multimedia messages;
  • see what resources the owner of the device visits.

This program saves all the necessary data in your personal account for further analysis. With its help it is easy to find out the necessary information and to expose the spouse in the clear.

Cell Phone Spy is designed to spy on Android devices. Its features include:

  • Recording another subscriber’s phone calls;
  • text message interception;
  • location tracking.

Such a program will be useful for those who need to check the communication outside the Internet, because the tracking of correspondence and calls in social networks is not available in it.

Taking a closer look at TrackView

TrackView is a spy camera that can be used to easily locate another person. It is not a standard surveillance program because it provides the ability to turn on a remote surveillance camera. Such a feature allows you to watch your husband in real time and observe what’s going on around him.

StealthGenie for iPhone

StealthGenie is a catch a cheater app created specifically for iOS smartphones. It has a number of interesting features:

  1. Instant notification to your gadget when the user dials certain phone numbers or words;
  2. access to chats and calls in various popular messengers;
  3. the ability to read Gmail;
  4. viewing media files stored on another person’s device.

In addition to the basic features, StealthGenie has a geo-limit that sends an alert to your phone as soon as your spouse leaves the specified area.

Turning on the “Show me where I am” feature

To use this feature, you’ll need the Google Maps app, geolocation (GPS) enabled, and constant internet access. To set up your husband’s smartphone tracking, you’ll need to launch Maps, find “Transmit Geodata” in it, and select your contacts to send his location information to your phone.

Integrate GPS tracker

GPS tracker is a kind of beacon for tracking a person. With his help you can accurately enough to determine the location of your husband. All the necessary data is transmitted to your smartphone or a special server. The tracker also has a built-in microphone, which allows you to listen to everything that happens around the man.

Thanks to its small size, GPS tracker can be easily hidden in a jeans pocket or jacket, or inconspicuously placed in a bag. In addition, it has a powerful battery that can work without recharging for a week.

Tracking the location of the person through popular messengers

Thanks to advances in technology, it is now possible to track the location of a person through popular messengers. These include:


In order to track geolocation through this program, it is necessary to enable special settings on the spouse’s smartphone. To enable location, in the dialogue window with him, you need to activate the arrow symbol next to the messaging key;


To set up geolocation tracking, you need to take your husband’s phone for a while and open the general settings. In them, find the “Applications” section, select WhatsApp, click on “Permissions” and allow the app to determine the location. Next, in any of the WhatsApp chats, you need to click on the “paper clip” symbol and send your spouse a location by selecting the desired address.

Before you start following your husband on his phone, try talking to him. It may help to find out the information you need without resorting to extreme measures. Also, remember that many surveillance programs are not legal and are considered by law to be a violation of a person’s privacy.

How to competently install the program-logger

Before you track your husband by phone number, you need to – register on the site – download the installation file on your husband’s phone – install and configure the program – go to the office – and then you will receive data.

The site has a detailed step by step Guide in pictures – you need to download it and strictly follow it to install. Once you install and configure the application, you need to do some steps on the phone – this is all described in the guide in great detail.

Your account will be opened as soon as you register. You can read the terms of registration and how the application works here.

How to track your husband through your Android phone

You can access your account on the site from any device – computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone. But there is a time when you do not have a PC at hand or you do not want to log in to the site every time you want to get to the office.

Our developers have taken care of how to track your husband’s phone through your phone – to do this you need to install on your phone (which you carry in your purse) – a mobile version of the Cabinet “Client”.

There’s just one condition that you need to know before you can track your husband’s phone through your phone – your phone must be on the Android operating system. You cannot install the “Client” on your phone, it works only on Android.

If for any reason you can not install the application yourself on the phone you want, you can use the service “buy ready-made phone” – we buy, install, reset to factory settings, packed in a box and send to the specified address.

Now you know how you can track your husband’s phone – install the Reptilicus app. All questions about the app you can ask online consultants

Reptilicus app-logger – control your devices!

Have you ever wondered what someone or where they are going when you aren’t looking? Have you ever found yourself wondering why your spouse comes home from work so late, or why your kids come home from school so late? These are common concerns that most people face at least sometimes in their lives. However, instead of just sitting on your doubts, you should do something about them.

A little psychology: why do you need to spy on your husband?

The first thing we want to touch upon is whether it is necessary to spy on your husband, and to set up surveillance on the person you love? Here only women themselves should answer this question. And answer honestly, thinking in advance about what they will do after they get the information. We just consider a few possible options for the development of events.

The first thing that comes to mind – it’s treason, treason and treason again! Women like to control their husbands, thinking of them as their property. In novels and movies, if a wife gets suspicious, she makes an inhuman effort to “find out the truth.” Then, with pictures or other hard evidence of her husband’s infidelity, she nails him to the wall. The husband gives up and walks away disgraced. The woman meets “the love of her life” and they live happily ever after. Happy ending.

However, all is not well in life. Sometimes there is simply no strength to leave, and nowhere, and even children and credits. So, spying on your husband – is it necessary or not? Yes, if you want to find out and divorce. No, if you then do not know what to do with these data.

And you will have the data for sure. Good or bad, confirming adultery or not. Time will tell. But there will be data and you should, before you put surveillance on your husband’s phone, think about it 100 times – what are you going to do with the information (location, phone records, love correspondence, intimate photos)? Do you even need to see all of this, if the case will not come to a divorce.

Maybe it’s not about cheating at all.

But you can definitely see that something is wrong with your husband, he has become “different” (kinder, angrier, funnier, gloomier). Surveillance of your husband’s phone will allow you to find out the reason for such a dramatic change in behavior.

The husband may have fallen into a cult. And there he is persuaded to sell things, the house, or to give all the money he earned for the benefit of a bright future. It could be crime, drugs. Then surveillance of the spouse may be justified. They have the noble purpose of saving the man and removing him from this environment.

Phone records and surroundings, correspondence and photos can be accepted by the police. However, if the surveillance software will be installed on the husband’s phone secretly, covertly, then perhaps such “evidence” can not be counted. Although, as many years of practice shows, such records are quite often accepted as evidence.

Track your husband’s car to make sure that everything is fine, that your husband drove to his destination and is not answering your calls because he is tired and asleep. Yes, there is a version of this, too.

If you need to track your husband’s phone location (to see on the map around the clock), then the installation of surveillance may well be justified. Yes, and the husband, knowing about this surveillance, will have peace of mind that his family will not worry in vain.


So is it possible to spy on the husband? Yes, of course it is possible! Surveillance of your husband’s cell phone is the best way to find out about cheating. And VkurSe program will help you find out all the secrets of your dear spouse or beloved man. Just think again, is the game worth the candle?