Psychology: Living With My Mentally Unstable Mother Is a Nightmare

I feel better at work than at home: What to do

For a long time I caught myself thinking that I feel better at my employer’s company than I do at home. And frankly, when the work day is over, I don’t want to go home: living with my mentally unstable mother is a nightmare. You never know when she’s going to have her next fit of aggression. We live from attack to attack.

Of course, I could move out. I could, but I can’t: my father died a year ago, and if I move out, my mother will be alone, and by the time she’s 90, she’ll be giving the public a hard time about her crazy antics. I dont know if he was cheating on her.

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I have repeatedly hinted to my mother that the time has passed, it’s time she found a man. No, she won’t. Let me explain: women like my mother need not just a man, but a male guardian to take her home and put up with her shenanigans. If such a man would notice my mother, take her in and stay out of my life, I would be very grateful for such a man! But, unfortunately, we don’t have a guardian. And I am, to put it mildly, on the verge: I am 27 years old, I want to live in modest privacy for myself as well. How much longer is she going to torture me? 20? 30 years?

Lately I’ve been living with the only question: why didn’t my parents die at the same time on the same day? It would have been easier for me to live alone. Yes, at first I would have been unaccustomed to living in silence. But then I would quickly get used to it. In general, I adapt quickly to different situations – it helps me in my work, too. But living with an unpredictable, violent man is beyond me. Of course, it would be easier for me to live alone. Yes, it is unusual. But it is better to live alone than with psychotic people who cannot be trusted.

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