Husband Does Not Sleep With Wife

What could be the reasons if the husband does not sleep with wife

Let’s look at the reasons for different bed situations, the opinion of psychologists and why this happens.

Why the husband does not sleep with wife in the same bed

There is not always a reason to worry.

You should not panic if:

  • You don’t have a double bed. Trust me, it happens. Especially if you’re newlyweds who just moved into a new apartment. The problem will be solved with the purchase of a marital bed. Just don’t procrastinate, or you’ll get used to sleeping apart!
  • Different work schedules. The husband works at night and you work during the day. In this case, be sure to lay on the couch together on joint weekends.
  • You snore very loudly. It is not always possible to get rid of it, but you can buy your lover earplugs, and the problem will be solved.
  • The place in bed is occupied by the child (children). Sleeping together with a toddler is terrible. Now your bed does not belong to you, it was occupied by the kids. Nothing criminal about this, when they are babies, and you’re tired of running around rocking them all night. Another thing if the kids have grown, but to leave the occupied territory does not want to. The solution: we urgently equip the kids another bed and moving out of the parent’s bedroom. Accustomed to weaning from a joint dream husband enticed in every possible way (but the main, of course, intimate).
  • He is an avid “tank man. That’s what I call all lovers of computer games, and day and night do not get off the screen of the monitor. I can only sympathize. Even if you spread cream on yourself and parade half-naked, it will not be possible to distract the tanker. You have to do as a child – try to limit the time to play, try to negotiate with him.
  • The man just does not have room in bed next to you. What to do: get on the scale, join a gym, lose weight. Well, or buy a bigger bed.

But the excuses of your beloved like “I’ll lie in the living room near the TV a little more” or “sleep more comfortably alone” should make you wary whether your spouse is not cheating on you. Especially if your husband constantly walks around with the phone in his hand, or specifically waiting for you to fall asleep without it. This could be a symptom of his cooling to you and the emergence of another woman.

By the way, a very popular reason why a man doesn’t sleep in the same bed with his wife. He just doesn’t want to touch you. He already has another woman in his dreams.

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Why husband and wife should sleep in the same bed

It’s not always better to sleep together than separately. It all depends on the individual couple, their habits, routines and health.

First about the pros of sleeping together:

  • Attachment to your partner. Cuddle up with your loved one after a hard day’s work, to leave all the problems outside the marital bedroom – what could be better? Spouses feel connected to each other even if they don’t touch. We spend most of our time at work, so sometimes we only sleep at home. Well, at least we have to do something together! Besides to confess, to complain about the evil boss, or to discuss current affairs with your spouse can not be lying in a cozy bed.
  • Always on hand. As vulgar as it may sound. Let’s be honest: has it ever happened that a wild desire encompassed in the middle of the night or in the morning hours? Of course, yes! Especially when the object of desire is sniffing peacefully nearby. When you sleep together, sex is more regular, the couple gets more dopamine, and therefore the mood of both partners is more often positive.
  • Ability to care. Agree, when one of you is sick, the other is much easier to care for a partner if they sleep in the same bed. One pill to fetch, then water. This is especially true for older couples.

That’s the end of my argument for saying that husband and wife should sleep in the same bed.

Now look at it this way.

Sleeping in separate rooms is convenient if:

  • One of you is watching late-night TV (playing a console, reading a book). The other spouse is disturbed by this. Yoga in the morning is also in this category. Classes are possible in other rooms, but waking up, getting dressed and walking around the room itself can wake up the sensitive sleeper.
  • One partner has restless sleep. He flails his arms, fights, talks loudly in his sleep. I, for example, discuss some car repair business with Petrovich (according to the partner). It’s kind of funny, but when it constantly interferes with the other half’s sleep, her mood is spoiled.
  • It is necessary to refrain from intimacy. For medical reasons, or to add spice to the relationship. Sleeping together deprives the opportunity to flirt a little, to imagine themselves on a first date. To diversify married life, you can schedule “dates” in neutral territory (in the kitchen, bathroom or outside the home). Suitable for those couples who need a reboot in their relationship.

Now that you know the pros of both options, you can decide for yourself what works best for your couple. For example, if you care about emotional connection with your husband, you need to sleep together.  Still, sleep should be full in both of them. And the mood will be, and intimacy. And you can kiss and cuddle during the day and in other places.


Why does the husband sleep with his back to his wife?

Psychologists argue that the positions in which partners sleep speak of their emotional attachment. If you are worried that your husband has grown cold to you because he lies in bed not in your arms, I hasten to reassure you: sleeping with his back to his spouse is normal.

And so, what all-knowing psychologists say:

  • You sleep with your back to each other, slightly touching. This means that there is nothing wrong with emotional connection. You trust and stay out of each other’s personal space. If that’s how you sleep, you’re a very cool couple, and there’s nothing wrong with trust. Relax and be proud.
  • On opposite sides of the bed. There’s a lot of space between you. This is where to sound the alarm: something is wrong. You are distant from each other. Perhaps the husband sleeps with his back to his wife, because he wants to hide from her his problems, worries. Or you are in a quarrel.
  • Your husband sleeps with his back to you and you cuddle him from behind. It seems like someone is not getting enough attention from their partner, or they are invading their spouse’s personal space. There’s probably too much of you in his life. Give the guy some space.

Well, the last reason why the husband sleeps with his back to his wife is that he just likes to sleep on his side!!! And he rolls over several times a night.

What to do if the husband sleeps with his wife in the same bed

It all depends on the reason. In the first unit, I already gave examples of what you can do to get your lover back in the marital bed.
But sometimes a man does not want to sleep together with his wife for some personal reasons. This will help either a frank conversation with the other half, or watching him.

Perhaps your husband resented you? Reconcile in time, do not procrastinate with this! Otherwise, resentment will develop into indifference or apathy.

The appearance of another woman in his life may also be the reason why he began to fall asleep on the couch.
Firmly decided to talk his lover to sleep together? Do it, but without violence. Handcuff him to the bed – not an option (unless it’s part of your role-playing in bed). And don’t forget, for your husband to sleep in the same bed with his wife, he has to love and desire her. So buy beautiful, sexy pajamas, and then call your chosen one.

All have sweet dreams with their other halves!