How to Make a Man Go Crazy: Defying Guide

The desire to be the only and unique lives inside every woman. Few people will want to share a man with others. How to make a man go crazy, so that the other girls for him simply did not exist?
First you need to study the guy himself, to find out what he is looking for in his beloved, and then bind to yourself by becoming irreplaceable. If you manage to pull off all of this work, the result will not keep you waiting. Even if you will not get his reciprocity, you will already know what you should not do in the future, and what you, conversely, missed.

Be perfect

Men as well as women are building castles in the air. They have in mind an image of the ideal woman, whom they are so diligently looking for. And if you meet at least a few criteria, you will certainly attract the attention of men. And to drive him crazy, find out how he sees his ideal, and find something about yourself that falls within that framework. Of course, you won’t be able to play the perfect woman for long, but you’ll have time to learn a lot in the meantime.

Love yourself

A man will go crazy for a woman worthy of him. It’s not about her occupation at all, it’s important that she considers herself worthy of a relationship with this man. To love yourself, you need to honestly look not only at their shortcomings, but also on the merits. Surely you will have them not very little.
One way to boost your self-esteem is self-indulgence. Recall moments in your life when you were triumphant. If for the Olympic champion it’s the moment when he stands on a pedestal, for you it may be a brilliant defense of your thesis, public commendation. Anything you consider an achievement. Learn to cause this feeling randomly, then it will be much easier to drive a man crazy, and absolutely anyone. Say a approving word to yourself when you do something good.

Play with it

To excite the blood, you need to be able to be different. Let him wonder why you, yesterday such an affectionate and gentle nature, today are as cold as an iceberg. One day beckon him with your gaze, the next day push him away. You don’t have to blow him off too sharply and then throw yourself on his neck. Just show him that you can have many things to do, that you are in demand of other people. Thus you will on the one hand entertain his ego that you preferred him, but on the other hand he will not consider you to the end of the conquered, that will spur him to force the relationship.

Do not reveal all the secrets

The woman riddle will be able to keep a man for a long time near her, rather than ingenuous simpleton. To remain always unraveled to the end, work on his inner world continuously. Look for new hobbies – there are so many interesting things in the world that you have not yet discovered. Don’t focus on relationships, but live life to the fullest. Don’t get into bed with the first one you meet – men really appreciate that.