How to Check if a Man Has Had Sex

How To Check If A Man Has Had Sex

You’ve probably searched a lot of literature to find the answer to the question of how to check if a man has had sex. I hasten to disappoint you a little: there is no such method. Tip that the guy recently had an intimate meeting, rather his unusual behavior. But, about everything in order.

How to determine whether a man has had sex

Before writing this article, I confess, I turned to Google. I did not think that so many women are interested in this question. Some of the advice I read was very funny. I hope you haven’t experimented on your man yet!
Let me dispel a few myths that go from forum to forum on the web.

Many people write in all seriousness that in order to determine if a man has had sex, he should be put in a bathtub filled with water.

If, pardon my frankness, his testicles float up, it means they’re empty, hence the guy has used up all his seminal supply. Before you fill up the bathroom and amuse your sweetheart with this completely useless action, let me tell you a simple truth: the process of sperm production in the testicles of men is continuous. Even if he had sex, the volume and “fullness” is not affected.
If the bathroom is already full, and the man is in it, think of something more pleasant than looking at his genitals.

Looking for traces of lipstick, nails, etc. – useless! Most men will be in the shower after intercourse.

Especially if the meeting was stormy and passionate. And if they have to go back to his wife’s house, believe me, they will get rid of such trivial traces of adultery. Of course, if the man has been cold to his spouse for a long time and doesn’t care if she notices the lipstick or not, he may “not panic.”

The sparkle in his eyes and the good mood of the man also will not tell you anything.

He can be happy about his salary, and the upcoming soccer game on TV, and a can of beer in the fridge.
In general, all of these above signs will not tell you anything.

Another interesting tip on one of the forums is to have sex with a man. If there will be little sperm, it means that he recently had an intimate encounter. Again I do not believe in this method. Well, not all men run on a date every day, there are two helpers and home … Left and right … Also, how do you determine the amount? Are you going to calculate the average and then compare? I’m afraid sex will turn into some kind of a mathematical act…

The duration of intercourse, by the way, won’t tell you anything either.

A man can:

  • be tired at work,
  • or undergoing heavy physical exertion that day,
  • or just plain stressed.

The doctor won’t tell you the last time he did “it,” either. The doctor can only tell you if your partner has any diseases. Here and the hedgehog will understand. If a sailor after a long voyage picked up some kind of venereal disease, then, apparently, the mermaids did meet on his way.


So my 100% method to help you figure out if a man has had sex like this: go up and ask him directly. Preferably with something weighty in your hand. Abruptly and unexpectedly. And watch his reaction. The fear in his eyes will give him away.
All in a great mood and positive!