How Do You Know if a Person Is in Love but Is Hiding It?

Oh, there are several eloquent and obvious signs! They do not always appear at the same time, but the presence of at least some of them with a high probability indicates falling in love. And in general, these signs are known.

But! If a person carefully hides his crush, you may need more subtle tools (spoiler: see postscript). A lot here depends on the reasons he’s hiding his feelings, the nature of your relationship, the person’s stamina and acting talent.

Be that as it may, I’m not afraid to be a cap, and I will list the most correct, in my opinion, signs by which you can understand that someone is in love with you. Here we go!

He looks at you. More often and longer than people look at each other in real life. Here everything is very simple – it is pleasant to look at you, he likes everything about you, your face, figure, hair, gestures, facial expressions, your image as a whole and every, even the smallest detail… and to find these details which, like strokes of an artist, complete your beautiful image he can endlessly.
In addition, when he looks at you, most of his brain, except the one that secretes serotonin, turns off, and turning away even for a second, he begins to think that he has definitely forgotten some very important detail, which makes him look at you again and again.

He tends to spend time with you. If you’re communicating, again, it’s pretty simple. In this case, you know about his hobbies, friends, habitual pastimes. All of this was before you, and it seemed to him very important, but with your appearance, he may have begun to pay less time to the above in order to spend it more with you. Such a shift in focus speaks volumes.

If you don’t communicate or you do it rarely and/or depending on the situation (school/work/meetings on the stairs), it’s a little more complicated. Still, think back, has there been any change? Maybe he’s started to sit closer to you, asked more frequent requests or questions, tried to strike up a conversation, made a joke, etc. If the answer is positive, you can talk about at least sympathy. And if there are other signs, you can talk about falling in love.

He listens to you. Attentively and with interest. Listens to everything you say – from your children’s stories to stories about current affairs. He thinks it’s important, even if you think it isn’t. He can remember much of what you say, and then ask you again or clarify it after a while. You’ve already forgotten what you said about it 🙂
All right, enough of this torture, let’s go over the rest real quick!

He’s kidding with you. Normally he might not joke, but with you he’s just the bastard child of a KVN girl and a stand-up comedian.
He doesn’t talk to you. And he doesn’t show the slightest concern about it. He’s just happy to be with you. Although it’s more about love…
He smiles more with you than without you. Sometimes just like a fool.
He often talks to you about feelings, sex, relationships, the meaning of life. Well, that’s all he’s got on his mind right now.
I think that’s enough. If the question is practical, I hope it helps, if you’re just curious – that’s how it is.

P.s. Oh yes, I almost forgot! Another simple and cool way – you can ask. No, honestly, I’m not kidding!

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