22 Qualities of a Good Wife

Woman must love her husband and children.

Without a loving relationship, she loses contentment, no matter how fortunate she may be in other areas of life.

Woman should always be cheerful.

This makes her safe from all unpleasantness. Cheerfulness is a sign of innocence, and it evokes in men a natural need to care. Children’s and women’s laughter is the best sedative for a man’s ears after a hard day’s work.

Utensils must always be clean

Clean dishes – an indicator of women’s cleanliness and a pledge of tranquility in the family. The best version of her husband was always surprised: “when did such a cleanliness! 4. a woman must always be economical in her expenses. The ideal combination is the following: the husband tries to earn as much as possible, and the wife tries to spend as little as possible. Such a family becomes invincible.

Woman must understand that relationships in the family depend on her behavior

The goal of her life is to create a harmonious family; she should become a professional at it. Thus, if she takes responsibility for family happiness, the man will not be able to change or hinder anything. The woman controls the relationship, not the man–these are different things, and it is destructive to confuse the two.

Woman must learn to control her husband, but not to command

A good wife knows how to get her way from her husband through changes in clothing, tone of voice, home decor, and taste of food, while remaining affectionate and considerate. But she does all this not for herself, but for the whole family, understanding that it is easier to get the right decision than to argue or shout.

Woman should not be offended

A woman’s mind can keep a detailed list of all her husband’s mistakes and miscalculations for a long time, but this is what kills her as a woman: this way she just loses her appeal and peace of mind.

Woman must not take revenge

Nobility adorns a woman.

Woman must not be jealous

Envy is the opposite of humility and simplicity. This feeling completely disqualifies a woman as a wife. As a rule, such a woman brings nothing but trouble, both in her own home and in any place she visits.

Woman should not “nag” her husband, because this is a sign of her lack of intelligence

A smart woman accurately calculates the time, place and circumstances to approach with a request, and speaks only once, but these words penetrate into the man’s soul, he suffers some time of doubt, and then fulfills the request as a gift and becomes happy that he brought his wife joy. The woman should be very brightly pleased and show that she did not expect, grateful and delighted.

Woman must not play the victim

This forbidden trick is usually launched when the ground in the area of relationship control begins to go out from under her feet.

Woman must “Burn Bridges”

Marital happiness will not come from a partial surrender of yourself to your husband. Total and undivided surrender of self is one of the conditions for a successful marriage. Divorce is a recent phenomenon and clearly does not come from a pious life.

Woman must not develop feminine qualities in her husband

Only if she does so will she end up bored: her husband is not her mate. A happy and productive marriage will become when both partners learn to use the full potential of their differences in gender. Mutual complementarity is more productive, and opposites attract.

Woman must learn to kindly attract her husband

Not with her body, but with her character traits. Lust is bound to cause disappointment later on, but chastity will cause respect and a desire for care.

Wife must inspire her husband with her femininity

She must approve of her husband’s accomplishments in every way. Despite the fact that he demands of her truthful and sober judgment, always only praise him, otherwise he will become an enemy for life.

Woman must not be familial

Respecting her husband is the only possible form of communication with him to keep the family together.

Woman should have a sense of humor

A tired housewife has fun with his wife after a day’s work. And the sphere of emotional expression is purely a woman’s element.

Woman must be shy.

This quality gives a special charm to the beautiful sex and arouses the esteem of men. It increases a woman’s beauty, even if she is less beautiful than others. Shyness together with trustfulness and defenselessness cannot be imitated, but can only be developed by constant improvement, which will be the best gift for her husband.

Woman must dress according to her husband’s wishes

Not her own! She cannot guess for herself what he likes at this or that moment, so she should dress and show herself off, but not be offended if he says something like, “Dressed up like for the Bazaar.” A man who is satisfied with his wife’s appearance does not begin to look for satisfaction in looking at others.

Wife should appreciate her husband

Whatever he has done for the home must be appreciated to the highest standard. Any under-appreciation will immediately provoke anger in him and a desire to abandon what he has begun.

Wife must respect her husband’s friends and family

The concept of “husband” includes his surroundings, all his thoughts, actions, plans and hopes. Mistreating your husband’s surroundings will make him question your value and, God forbid, you will tip the scales in his favor.

Wife must develop her ability to be an artist

This will fully occupy her mind, make her beautiful, mysterious and calm, but not to the detriment of daily duties.