22 People Told How They Found Out Their Beloved Ones Are Cheating on Them

Statistically, 20% of males and 13% of the females at least one time cheated on their spouse. No one would like to be believed that their partner is one of them and cheating on you. But to accept the fact of infidelity partner is not as difficult as to expose the cheater or catch him on the hot seat, because reasonable doubt in this case is often intertwined with simple paranoia.

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  • I found my wife’s pad. The first page laid out a 10-point plan detailing how she was going to leave me for another guy. I cut the plan down to one point.
  • She reached for her camera to take a picture of my phone at my boy’s baby shower, and a message popped up on the screen, “I love you too.”
  • Found out my husband was cheating when the bathroom clogged. I cleaned it myself. I pulled a clump of red hair out of the drain. I’m blonde.
  • We had a linked Apple account, and we also both had the Find My iPhone app. Figured out what those delays at work had really been lately.
  • I woke up one day and saw her scrolling through heart-shaped emoticons on her phone in Facebook messages. At that point we had been married 7 years, 2 kids. And it was my birthday.
  • A friend came over to visit, brushing her hair with my comb. I gathered her hair and threw it on my husband’s shirt for fun. He admitted that he was cheating on me with this friend.
  • My car smelled like cigarette smoke. Even though neither I nor my wife ever smoked. I asked her about it. She went pale. At that moment I remembered all the late nights at the restaurant where she worked. She read it in my eyes. And I could tell by the look in her eyes.
  • My genial ex-wife had hit on me about our shared cell phone bill. She rebuked me for talking too much on the phone. I never called anywhere from it except her number, which was free. So I looked up the bill and found the number of the guy she was cheating on me with
  • An acquaintance of mine had his wife’s distant brother come over for a couple of days. They were well received and he even decided to stay over, but my friend suspected something fishy. It turned out that it was her lover, lived with them for about a month. He kicked her out, along with her “brother”.
  • My girlfriend was an exchange student. I Googled her name out of curiosity and found her boyfriend’s blog detailing their romantic relationship. Turns out the lover was me.
  • Standing with my husband in traffic. The windows in the car were fogged up. There was a bag in the back seat, and I needed it. I turned back to get it and noticed my foot and handprints on the windows. That’s how I knew my husband was cheating on me.
  • I counted the pictures. This was in 2000, when most cell phones didn’t yet have cameras and vacation photos had to be developed in photo labs. She brought home pictures from her vacation where she “met up with an old high school friend” in Vegas, but a few were missing. The thing is, in those days, films were sold in 12, 24 or 36 frames. I went through the pictures, but the numbers didn’t add up. From the 24-frame film, she only brought home 18 photos. Eventually I found the rest of the pictures… She and her new boyfriend looked happy.
  • She kept deleting all her messages… I got suspicious, so I told her there was a program on my computer that takes messages wirelessly. Asked her directly, lying that I read everything on her computer, and she admitted it.
  • I noticed that people who cheat behave aggressively toward their significant other and accuse them of infidelity. Guilt makes itself felt.
  • My husband had a mistress. I found out very simply. He was cleaning the passenger seat in the car in the evenings on his way home, and from the balcony I could not understand what he was cleaning there every night in the parking lot near the house. Started noticing a lot of white hair on my car seat. I’m blonde myself, I was scared that my hair was growing so much. A couple of weeks later, I found out it wasn’t me.
  • The clue was the fact that he drastically changed his taste in music.
  • You can guess by his body language and mood. Another obvious sign is when your partner comes home and immediately runs to the shower, even though it’s not hot outside, he doesn’t go to the gym or do anything that requires physical effort.
  • She has asked me to fix things on her iPad… Came up with emails on it confirming airline tickets she bought to visit an ex boyfriend on the opposite side of the country.
  • My husband switched his phone from our shared calling plan to her [mistress]. The cellular carrier sent me an email confirming the change and an account with her name on it. I asked my husband about it, but he lied. I found her on Facebook, and it turned out they had just celebrated their second anniversary. And we had celebrated eight years of marriage just before that.
  • She had written about it [cheating] in her diary, our babysitter came across it, read it and told me.
  • He left his Facebook page open. I know I should respect his privacy. But I had some suspicions, so I went into his inbox. Of course, I found their correspondence.
  • My wife was trying to call me and didn’t hang up when the voicemail came on. She accidentally recorded a nearly 3-minute message in which she and her lover were pouring mud on me and talking about how much happier she was with him. At that moment I was sitting at home with our children, thinking she was 1,800 miles away next to her dying father. Two years later we divorced, her father is still alive.

Have you ever experienced infidelity? Or maybe caught infidelity with someone you knew? What helped you catch a liar in the act?

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