10 Tiny Secrets That Every Man Hides From His Girlfriend

Everyone has tiny secrets. Sometimes even the closest people do not know about them. Romantic relationships, where frankness, boundless trust and boundless understanding are prescribed as a recipe – a great example of how secrets “survive” even in such harsh conditions.

  • Flirting on the side
    Flirting has become a small daily rite of passage that we give little or no importance to. A tiny compliment to a coworker, a glance from a stranger on the subway, an almost casual touch in a bar… Why tell your beloved that?
  • Lies to the rescue
    Believe me, men hate quarrels and conflicts, so they resort to an effective weapon – deception. You can cure a man of endless lies with many years of trust and love.
  • Total trust is a myth
    Total trust is a romantic legend that all lovers still believe. A man will always suspect his other half of cheating, will prepare for a little apocalypse. Simply because it is safer than remaining a gullible fool.
  • He’s sentimental, too.
    Despite his muscular framed torso, serious look, and menacing bass, men are just as emotional as women. Only, unlike the weaker sex, they are perfectly conspiratorial.
  • Hides income level.
    Even a calculator will refuse to count the number of couples that broke up because of monetary “battles”. Men absolutely always subconsciously underestimate their income level. You should not be offended by this little lie – so they insure themselves against problems in the future.
  • He has a dark past.
    Be honest – does your significant other know all the “sins” of your past life? Surely some of them you want to forget like a bad dream. Well, men also had a past, and most often it is much richer than yours. These secrets are unnecessary to reveal even your closest friends.
  • He’s happy when you’re the one who brings up important topics.
    Another little secret is that he’s happy when you’re the one bringing up important topics. Trust me, he wants to talk about the future and the present, too, but as we all know, men aren’t fans of showing their feelings and emotions.
  • Adds himself to the number of women.
    The number of women is the equivalent by which a man judges his attractiveness and charisma. Yes, silly, but in the world of men it is. So if he once mentioned the number of affairs in his life, safely divide by two.
  • But hides the reasons for breaking up with exes.
    If the question, “Why did you break up?” he tells you, “We did not agree in character,” read, “I behaved like a pig all the time,” or repeats, “She cheated on me,” read, “I left her, and not in the nicest way.” A man does not want to admit even to himself that he behaved, to put it mildly, improperly, so it is better to hush up this moment in front of the new chosen one.
  • Hiding your fears from you.
    We are used to think of men as muscle-bound superheroes who are always rushing to the rescue, and fear is an unfamiliar word to them. But we’re all human: men can be afraid of furry spiders, too.