10 Important Qualities to Look For in a Future Spouse

How do you know you’ve met the right guy to spend the rest of your life with? Do you want to make sure you’re not making the wrong choice? Then read on to find out what qualities you should look for in a man so that later nothing to regret.
I was married twice. It taught me a lot, including that I became quite good at understanding men. From my experience, I want to say that love in marriage is not enough.
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that love isn’t important at all in marriage. You have to be head over heels in love with the person you are going to marry, otherwise there is a risk of falling in love with someone else while married. So what qualities should your future husband still have so that your boat of love will not break on the family life?

No. 1 Honesty

The first and perhaps the most important quality that should be inherent in your chosen one – is honesty. First of all, he must be honest with himself. He should know his weaknesses and strengths, flaws and what he is capable of in life. When spouses are honest with themselves and with each other, it is much easier to remain open in marriage and willing to dialogue with each other.

No. 2 Dependability

Your future husband should be dependable. Can you be sure he won’t forget to pick you up from work? Will he remember to pick up the kids after sports practice or go out to a bar with friends? Do his words always match his actions when he promises to go to the store or clean out his closet?

No. 3 Kindness

Another important quality for a family man is kindness. You may not believe it, but in fact, men who are characterized by this quality are quite rare. A man should be kind to you, to a stranger, to children, the elderly. If a man is kind to everyone, he will be kind to you. If he helps old ladies to cross the road or does charity work, then he is a very kind man.

No. 4 Monogamy

Without any doubt, a future spouse should be monogamous. I have read many articles in which scientists have proved that monogamy is not inherent in man, but I believe that man can be faithful in marriage, and monogamy is a very important quality for a life partner. There is nothing more valuable than knowing that your mate is yours and yours alone.

No. 5 Same outlook on life

Since you will have to communicate for the rest of your lives, it is essential that you look at life with the same eyes. If your boyfriend is a very religious person and you are not, you should discuss this issue. If you want to have twelve children and he wants none, you need to find a compromise.
You’ll have to compromise quite often in marriage, so it’s important that you and your future husband have at least the same ideals.

No. 6 Sexual Attractiveness

People quite often say, “Sex is not the most important thing,” but I’m willing to argue about that. I think it’s important to make sure you’re turning on the man you’re going to wake up in the same bed with every morning for the rest of your life. I’ve been in relationships where the sex was fine, but there were problems emotionally and spiritually. Do you know how that ended? They broke up.
Sexual attractiveness is extremely important in a relationship, because if you’re not satisfied and excited by a man, then you’re more likely to avoid intimacy with him. Now I’m in my early thirties. The only thing I pay attention to in men is sexuality, because at my age sex is a necessity for me (can’t help it – the biological clock is ticking). It’s waiting for you too, trust me.
Don’t think that moments of intimacy aren’t important. You’re wrong! A man needs to know that he is satisfying you.

No. 7 Sense of humor

An equally important quality for a life partner is a sense of humor. Life consists of black and white stripes. Sometimes you just want to laugh heartily with your loved one and forget about all the problems for a while. My ex-husband was a foreigner. It was hard for him to understand our humor sometimes. While watching old domestic films, there were moments when I was dying of laughter, and he did not understand the jokes. It was common for me to laugh to myself. By the way, if you are planning to have children, you both could use a sense of humor.

No. 8 Love for Kids

When talking about kids, try to figure out what your boyfriend’s attitude is toward them. If you both want to have children in the future, observe how he behaves around children.

No. 9 The quality of a family man

Before you decide to take a serious step in your life, you should discuss not only the issue of children, above all you should be sure that your chosen one has the quality of a good family man. He must protect his family, take care of you, respect you as his wife, and his children must respect him. Look for strong family man qualities in your future husband!

No. 10 Respect

Finally, last but not least, the last thing you need to pay attention to is respect for each other. You can’t love someone you don’t respect. You need to make sure that your future husband is hardworking, reliable, kind and caring. These qualities are very important to a man. Your man should treat you with respect. If he does not respect your ideas and views, he is not worthy of you – run away from him as far as possible. But if your boyfriend has all or most of the above qualities, then value him, respect him, love him and you will live a long and happy life together.

Which of these qualities does your boyfriend or husband possess? Let’s discuss it!

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